Sunday, July 28, 2019

Muscle Man & Maggot Chat Night Video Links

Greetings Fiends and Fright Fans from The Pallid Bust of Phallus.  For anyBODY who missed any of the shows on The Peninsula of Horror's The Muscle Man and the Maggot Chat Night here are the EEW-Tube links to the shows, all three of which were World SCREAM-iers.




Enjoy the shows, and be sure to join us next time, if you can, for The Peninsula of Horror's monthly Saturday FRIGHT Chat Night.

The Pallid Bust of Phallus    

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Three from POE COUNTY, Florida

Hello Fiends, Skeleton Belaton here, Master Vyle's oldest fiend and representative of Master Vyle's Video Dungeon Fiends, and I just wanted to talk to you about the return of three shows from the House of Master Vyle family with all new shows.  In fact it's so exciting that I can feel it in my BONES!

This weekend during The Peninsula of Horror's The Muscle Man and the Maggot Chat Night we will see the return of The Golden Horde, It's The Great Grumplin's Show, and Tales From the Dump.  And not only are these shows returning with all new episodes (in the case of The Golden Horde its first new episode in four years), but these episodes will also be brought to you in the same "All New, All Different" format as the recent episodes of House of Master Vyle Presents.

The Golden Horde with Gorenard the Beerbarian returns with Crash of Moons as its featured "treasure".  As with his recent appearances since joining the cast of House of Master Vyle Presents as a regular be ready to see Gorenard further immersed in his "natural Beerbarian dimension".  In this outing the Ruler of Beerbaria and Keeper of the Golden Horde will also take the time to tell all the Wussy Men and Weak Women of Earth everything he knows about, "the crashing of moons together to make them go, BOOM!"

It's The Great Grumplin's Show with host The Great Grumplin' returns with its second episode, Summer Fun Time & Vacation Safety ...or Something.  In this outing, and with a fiery new visage, POE COUNTY's resident grumpy pumpkin and safety expert brings you his largest and most varied selection of classic shorts to date, as he combs the Public Domain for anything involving vacation fun and safety, and well, let's just say it's a mixed bag indeed.  This episode is also the beginning of the WGOAT After Dark on The Peninsula of Horror block, which means the content is absolutely intended for a mature audience and brought to you with limited commercial interruptions.

Tales From the Dump with Morris the Maggot returns with Jigsaw (aka Not the Good One, or Yes, There Will Be Disappointment).  Initially excited to be showing the lastest movie in the SAW franchise Morris's excitement quickly turns to disappointment when series writer Michael C. Laney informs him that it's actually a 1949 film vaguely centered around a white nationalist group with ties to organized crime.  Indeed this movie is vague about everything.  However, Morris himself comes to life, now immersed in the world of the Public Domain City Dump, where one man's trash is still trash and not the usual kind of trash that...  Oh, I suppose I should let Morris finish his usual tagline since this episode is also part of the WGOAT After Dark block.

So, as you can indeed see it is going to be a night full of entertainment that can only have originated in the bowels of POE COUNTY, Florida.  We hope that you will join Professor Gillman (who will also be presenting the Pre-Show for the Early Boids featuring shorts from "Back When America Was Great" and making several appearances during the night), Master Vyle and the rest of the regular chatters from The Peninsula of Horror and The Vortexx for all the fun that everyBODY has during the live chat during the show.

Pleasant Screams,        

Skelaton Belaton     

Saturday, April 27, 2019

The All-New, All-Different (Yet, Still Pretty Much the Same) Format of House of Master Vyle Presents

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos.  It's been a little vyle (surely according to the fact that there hasn't been a new post on this bog since 2013... and you thought I was dragging taking three years to film a season of House of Master Vyle Presents).  Well, anyway, I will hopefully make these posts a regular thing again.

As to what the "All-New, All Different (Yet, Still Pretty Much the Same)" Format of House of Master Vyle is...  Well...  It started earlier this year when the desire to have a video editor more capable of the one I have been using struck (not for the first time, but this time it really struck hard).  It was hoping for something, anything, that was better than Windows Movie Maker (one) and FREE (two).  I was almost shocked to come up with not one, but three likely candidates, all three at the top of several top ten best free video editors lists.  So with the kind donation of the lady vyle's computer (since I needed something that was running Windows 10... and yes, I'm a little embarrassed so I'm not going to tell you how out of date the Windows version is on my regular computer), I downloaded all three to test them out, and they were kind of a mixed bag.  The first one I tried, and it's the one I have ended up sticking with for a majority of my new editing needs is HitFilm Express.  This program is pretty much DA BOMB for me personally.  It has finally allowed me to present the show as I had always seen it in my head, and a little more so because now I can be in the middle of editing, have an idea come to me, and have the ability to make it a reality on the spot.  The second program, which caught my interest due to the fact that it had so many interesting transitions built in was OpenShot, or as it shall ever now be known as here at the House of Master Vyle, OpenShit, because I could absolutely do nothing with it.  The third program, DaVinci Resolve looked like a winner, however whenever it was required to do anything visually spectacular the program would crash.  Investigating the problem I learned "from the experts" that the problem wasn't the program, but that  I needed a different graphic card, (a nearly $700 graphic card... so much for FREE).  However, Resolve does have the ability to, a-hem, resolve one thing which HitFilm cannot, so it still has a part to play in the editing of the show.

So what can you expect?  Well, for the most part it's a secret, at least until tonight when House of Master Vyle Presents: She Gods of Shark Reef airs on The Peninsula of Horror as part of our Broads and Beaches Chat Night.  However, with this episode, and hopefully going forward, some familiar elements from the early Season One episodes will return, including trailers, a "musical element" and an actual preview of the next episode.  Plus there are a couple of other fun goodies thrown in for everyBODY to enjoy.

Hopefully, Fiends, you can experience the All-New, All-Different (Yet, Still Pretty Much the Same) SPOOK-tacular format of House of Master Vyle Presents, tonight, and if not look for it on EEW-Tube in a day or so.

See You After Vyle,    


Master Vyle         

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Audience Of Ten

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos.  After months of hard work and anticipation the day finally arrived for Master Vyle Presents: The Titans of British Horror Triple Feature, my first solo live event.  The road to this event began in July, as I sat in on a conversation with Zephyrhills Home Theatre general manager, Deano Dotson, and our good fiend Paul Bathrick, as they discussed plans for the theatre events for October.  Deano said that he wanted to have horror movies all through the month to get into the spirit of the Halloween season.  And as I sat there, on the very bench in the background of the above photo, I had an idea come to me which I immediately voiced.  I suggested a Masters of Horror Triple Feature, which would showcase the films of the screen's greatest horror duos:  Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre, and Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (of course all done Vyle Style and R Rated).  As soon as I finished relating my idea I added that there was so much work involved that I would never have it ready in time for October.  Deano and Paul had other ideas.  Both loved the idea and were confident that I could pull it off.  When our other fiend Roger Boyes came outside to join us, they ran it by him, and it was pretty much a done deal, and I was committed to making my ten minute old idea a reality.
I had already worked out a script for Horror Express with Cushing and Lee earlier in the year.  It had been planned as a special episode, but I put off doing any work on it because I had just done The House of Master Vyle Presents Swamp Women Steamy Summer Special and did not want to debut another special until a few more months had passed.  So with one script in hand I was a third of the way done on the writing front.  The other movies I named off in that first conversation were The Black Cat with Karloff and Lugosi, and The Comedy of Terrors with Price and Lorre.  That was where the project hit its first snag.  The copies available of The Black Cat were oversaturated in white and blurred.  Being a brilliant comedy in the first place I decided after watching for about ten minutes that The Comedy of Terrors was nothing I wanted to add to.  So the idea evolved into a Titans of British Horror triple feature, with the idea of showcasing Cushing and Lee individually, and then using Horror Express as the finale.
Well, that wasn't really easy street either.  Both of these men were in some brilliant films.  A Lee solo film was easy enough, as I had Horror Hotel (one of my favorite Christopher Lee films) penciled in as a potential second season feature for House of Master Vyle Presents.  To find a riff worthy Peter Cushing film?  Well that took time.  In fact I had watched several films over a two week period before I remembered that I had seen him in a real stinker, Night of the Ghoul, which would do just fine.  As a bonus I realized that John Hurt was also in that film, and Valentine Dyall was in Horror Hotel, all three having the Doctor Who connection.  So more Doctor Who references than I had initially planned were added to the scripts, and as I realized other actors in Night of the Ghoul had also guest starred on Doctor Who, it bloomed.  I decided to add a pre-show called Meet The Fiends, to give the uninitiated a taste of what watching Master Vyle was like, and so they would not be lost on who's who.  Then I added a pre-pre-show with some classic bits from my early "Video Vaulted" episodes.  And finally I decided to do three POE COUNTY Trailer Park of Terror episodes of classic trailers for Cushing and Lee to further celebrate their careers, which also lead to more Doctor Who connections, which lead to the inclusion of some Doctor Who guest star sight seeing and trivia added in.
In the middle of August I finally had everything pretty much scripted, and I got together with Scary Sid to film the first bit of video footage for the show, a guest spot in Meet The Fiends and a Night of the Ghoul host bit.  In September the lady vyle has gastric bypass surgery, and while I was staying home with her I filmed all the host material.  Once that was done I began to assemble the Featured Creatures in the third week of September.  The deadline I had set for myself, feeling that if I didn't have it done before then it was never going to happen, was the end of the month.
I was just beginning the assembly of the video elements for the last feature I had to put together when Felicia, Deano's wife and co-general manager of the theatre, informed me that the theatre was going to be closing, and that my show would be the last show there.  I'm not going to bore you with the details of why the decision was made to close the theatre, they are many and varied.  The main struggle I had was that I felt that it would be more appropriate for Doctor Xombie and his Ghoul School fiends to close the theatre with the Friday Night Fright, that was scheduled the day before the show, as it had been their home for several months, both in front of and behind the scenes.  On the other hand I felt that it would be great for all those fine fiends to be able to sit back and relax, and get to enjoy a show while someone else did most of the work.
On October 2nd, a couple of days past my deadline, I had completed all of the video elements for the show.  All that was left for me was rehearsal and to work out some choreography.
On Friday I joined Doctor Xombie and Friends for their final Friday Night Fright at the Zephyrhills Home Theatre (at least for the foreseeable future).  Overall I think it was one of our best shows, and attendance was high, people who had come in the early going of the show, the later run of the show, those who did their best to make every show, and even a couple who had never been to one before.  As we wound things down fright fan Sharron Rummel joined us to present us with pictures from Friday Night Fright's Home Theatre run.  When she thanked us for all our hard work I felt compelled to take the mic and tell her, "No, thank you."  I went on to say that it was people like her that we all did the things that we do as horror hosts and fiends.  And that as long as just one person showed up to a show and was entertained that I would put on my best show to make sure that happened.
Saturday came, and I think that my own show had all the earmarks of a first live show.  For some reason the audio on Night of the Ghoul didn't agree with the theatre's sound system, so the movie audio was at a whisper and could only be turned so high to prevent all the host audio from blowing everyone out of their seats.  And, that other hallmark of a first live show, especially with someone only as well known as myself, poor attendance.
It is the nature of the beast.  I already knew beforehand that two hardcore fright fans couldn't make it due to being out of state.  There were also a few others who had prior commitments.  My best friend couldn't make it due to his place of employment being short staffed on the weekend.  I am sure, as happens to us all, that life probably got in the way of  a good many other fiends and kept them from being able to attend the event.
So, I ended up with Sharron Rummel, but she did not have to be an audience of one.  Roger Boyes and one of his work fiends was there, as well as Heather Spivey, who watched between attending her meager few customers at the snack bar and other errands.  Deano and Felicia were in an out at the last part of the show.  Our good fiend Mark Freeman, the mastermind of Dash Cunning Photography was able to stay for our first feature.  Once he was off work Paul rushed to the theatre with Dawn and was in time to see Horror Express in its entirety.  And of course the lady vyle was there, tired from having to work an extra day that morning, but soldiering through to the end, and I think perhaps seeing sides of me she had yet to know existed.
No, not everyone was able to stay all day, but with a triple feature or marathon it's, again, the nature of the beast.  I had a total audience of ten, and with each of them I feel I did what I sat out to do, and that's keep them entertained.  And in the long run having that small audience of the woman I love, some of the greatest friends I have ever made, and a few hardcore fright fans, I feel, will make this show the most dear to my FART...  I mean heart.  (I had to do it, because after two days the tears are finally in my eyes too.)
Over the past couple of days I have called The Titans of British Horror Triple Feature a once in an AFTER-lifetime event.  I'm not sure if I will ever be given another chance to host House of Master Vyle in a live venue again, and even if I do it might not be on such a grand scale.  Again I have to give Felicia and Deano a huge thank you, not only for giving me the opportunity to do this show, but also for being great friends through Friday Night Fright and the parts we have all played in it.  I credit so many people for inspiring me to become a horror host, but through them and being able to work live in the theatre, I credit them with helping me develop into a better host.  I fully intend to be a part of any live event where I am welcome and requested.  And when Doctor Xombie makes the call to let me know that the Fright is ready to run again in a new venue, I'm ready to answer it.
As a tribute to the theatre I intend to run Horror Hotel and Horror Express as a double feature.  It will also give those who wished to attend the event, but were unable to, a chance to see what they missed.  Of course Night of the Ghoul and certain live bits are going into the Video Vault, to help preserve the unique experience of my audience of ten, and for the sake of your sanity, and other stuff.  Again, it was a once in an AFTER-lifetime event.  Hhehehehehehe.
Like Doctor Xombie and his Ghoul School fiends, and Friday Night Fright, this is not the end for me, but, as I say, just the beginning of the beginning.  The Wardrobe of Master Vyle has gone through a slight change, as I have added the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned to the ensamble, beginning back at Bearer-FEAST 2.  (Hey, any horror host can wear slacks coordinated with their jacket, but how many can pull off buckskin boots?)  And beginning tomorrow the Video Dungeon of Master Vyle will be going through renovations.  (Yes, I know, as it is at the moment it has only appeared in a handful of episodes, but you'll like it even better once it's done, so after October be ready for an "All New, All Different" Video Dungeon of Master Vyle.)  The official launch of The Peninsula of Horror is next week, and I hope you will join myself and Professor Gillman for a night of asthma attack inducing fun.  And, hopefully in December, be on the look out for new episodes of House of Master Vyle Presents when I present The Women In Crime Double Feature.
Thank you, to all the fiends and fright fans who came out to the ZephyrKILLS Home Theatre, whoever you are, whatever you are, and for whichever event.  Thank you, lady vyle, for always being by my side.  Thank you to Doctor Xombie and all the Ghoul School fiends: Scary Sid, Dawn of the Dead, Spiderina Spinneratte, "Z", Dead Elvis Deano, FIEND-licia, Random, Hannah Banana and of course Ooey.  And thank you Home Theatre for being there, and helping make 2013 "The Year of the Florida Horror Host" that much more a reality than just words from me.
Stay TOMBED Fiends, the best is yet to come!
See you after vyle.
Master Vyle

Friday, October 18, 2013

Just One More Day

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos.  Well, the time is almost here for my first, and hopefully not last, live Master Vyle show, Master Vyle Presents: The Titans of British Horror Triple Feature.  As the eleventh hour approaches my main concern is about delivery.  Despite having two scripts to try and get the rest of the way down (Doctor Xombie's Friday Night Fright featuring Dracula is tonight) I feel I have all the script in my head, but at times it seems that it's not all in order.
Admittedly this is my largest UNDERTAKING that I have ever tackled in my brief horror hosting career.  Yet, I'm confident due to the support of family and fiends.  It's also a confidence born of experience as working with Doctor Xombie and his fiends over the past year has helped me come a long way, not only in live hosting, but in my delivery on screen as well.
I do hope that everyone who can will come to both events, especially since these will be the last events at the Zephyrhills Home Theater under it current management, and quite possibly forever.
See you after vyle.
Master Vyle

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Final Curtain Call... And Other News

The legacy of Doctor Paul Bearer:  Professor Gillman, Doctor Xombie and Master Vyle

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  The blog is still a little slow on the upCREEP, but I've been pulled in so many directions with life and various other projects that it seems to be the easiest thing to let fall by the wayside.  The last few visits I have noticed that BOGGER has done some reformatting with image sizes, and that's something I'm going to have to fix at a future date, due to the fact that there are so many "thumbnails" to fix.
Now many of you know that over the course of this year I have been the special GHOST at nearly every presentation of Doctor Xombie's Friday Night Fright at the Zephyr-KILLS Home Theater, and it has been  tremendous amount of fun and a great learning experience to be a part of his show, as well as the occasional Friday Creature Feature that the Theater presents on the nights there are no live shows, and other events, such as Roger Boyes's two Bearer-FEAST events.  Not only have I gotten a chance to work with two of the men who inspired me to finally become a horror host, Doctor Xombie himself, and Professor Gillman, but I have made lasting friendships with all the Ghoul School fiends, as well as with Felica and Deano, who managed the theater.
Sadly, due to a combination of many different circumstances, the Home Theater will be closing.  Next weekend will be the last weekend for the theater under its current management, the future of that fine site uncertain at the time being.  On Friday, October 18th, the final Friday Night Fright at the Home Theater will take place.  Doctor Xombie and his Friends will be presenting DraculaFriday Night Fright will be on temporary hiatus until 2014 and will resume once a new venue has been established.
The following night, Saturday, October 19, the last event at the Home Theater, and in a twist of irony the first live event I have ever done solo, Master Vyle Presents: The Titans of British Horror Triple Feature, will take place.  I shall be presenting three films focusing on the careers of the greatest horror duo of the 20th Century, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  The presentation will include Night of the Ghoul, Horror Hotel and Horror Express, as well as three editions of The POE COUNTY Trailer Park of Terror, and an homage to the late, great, Doctor Paul Bearer, Dick Bennick, as I take the mic and do a CROCK-apella Halloween version of Poisoning Pigeons in The Park.

Here is a little something I wrote about the closing of the theater titled The Final Curtain Call:
The projector has been turned off,
The silver screen is dark,
The aisles are empty,
The snack bar unattended,
It’s the final curtain call.
No hushed voices in the theater,
No laughter at antics,
No gasps of fear,
No tears of joy or sorrow,
It’s the final curtain call.
There’s no ushers to walk the aisles,
There’s no couples kissing in the back,
There’s no parent telling the children to be quiet,
There’s no manager to unclog the ladies room toilet,
It’s the final curtain call.
You’ve come back before,
You’ve brought us back for more,
You’ve shown us new entertainment,
You’ve shown us there’s still life in the old Home Theater,
It’s the final curtain call…
…But only for right now.
Scary Sid and Master Vyle present a door prize to lucky winner, the Mayor of Zephyrhills himself, Danny Burgess when Doctor Xombie's Friday Night Fright presented Frankenstein.
Photo Courtesy of Dash Cunning Entertainment ©2013 Dash Cunning Entertainment
Now, being so busy with The Titans of British Horror Triple Feature has kept me from getting much work done on House of Master Vyle Presents.  However I did release the third episode of the season, Bloodlust!, albeit with little fanfare.  If you haven't had a chance to see it take a gander.  Hhehehehe.

I am hoping to do a November release for the next episode of House of Master Vyle Presents featuring Slaves In Bondage, if everything goes according to plan.  And in related news, on Saturday, October 26th the official launch of Professor Gillman's LiveStream Channel, The Peninsula of Horror, will take place.  This is the first and only channel dedicated to Florida horror hosting and horror, which the Professor created in the memory of the late Doctor Paul Bearer and Shock Armstrong, Florida's premier horror hosts.  We will both be in live chat for the launch featuring an all new Professor Gillman Show, followed by The House of Master Vyle Presents Swamp Women Steamy Summer Special.  It is my intention to debut all future episodes of House of Master Vyle Presents on The Peninsula of Horror, before they hit POE COUNTY's last UHF station WGOAT Channel 666 and YouTube.  There may be shows exclusive to The Peninsula of Horror as well at some point in the future.

Plus, since the Halloween and the other HorrorDays are just around the corner, I suggest you check out Dr. Paul Bearer's Creature Feature by our good fiend, Roger Boyes.  This is the first, and currently only, book about legendary Florida horror host, Doctor Paul Bearer, Dick Bennick.  It includes several rare photos, as well as interviews with his fans and friends.  It is a must have for any Doctor Paul Bearer fan, as well as for anyone interested in horror hosting in general.

In a final note, beginning with House of Master Vyle Presents: Bloodlust!, I am joined by a new Partner In Grime, Ickie Izzie the Zombie Elk.

Izzie stepped in while Queman was on vacation in AND-PEW County, Missouri, and as you can see he's been hanging around ever since (just like David Carridine, Hhehehehehehehe).  Both Izzie, Queman and all the other House of Master Vyle Presents regulars will be a part of the live show on the 19th, along with a couple of new fiends making their debut the first time anywhere.  I'll have more about  Ickie Izzie and all the other Master Vyle fiends up in time.
Well, that's it for now, fiends.  Be sure to make it to the historic Zephyrhills Home Theater for its final big events if you can.  Plus don't miss the debut of The Peninsula of Horror on the 26th.  Until then I'll see you after vyle.
Master Vyle

Sunday, August 4, 2013

House Of Master Vyle Presents: Mesa of Lost Women

It's a movie Zim Bob Weigh loves
(for the most part).

Greetings Fright Fans, Fiends, Freaks, Perverts and Sickos.  That time is here for another treasure from Public Domain, that tale of the "Weird West" I was directed to by the awesome Aussiescribbler, the pretty much unexplainable Mesa of Lost Women.  Watch for special GHOST appearances from my good fiends Spiderina Spinneratte and "Dead Elvis" Deano.
Drama, Suspense, oh THE HORROR!
See you after vyle.